Core Values

The Gospel

Hang around a World Teamer long enough and you’ll hear them talk about “living out the gospel”. The Gospel is the Good News we’re called to share with the world, but it is also a truth that masters our hearts and daily shapes our lives and ministry. We live as students of the gospel, constantly learning about the depths of God’s grace and how to apply it to our own lives and others. All our field workers – from summer interns to career missionaries – include a study of the gospel as part of their initial training with World Team.

Prayer & Worship

It may seem obvious to name prayer and worship as core values. Shouldn’t that be presumed? But we identify these on purpose, reminding ourselves not to take them for granted. Prayer and worship are central to our growth as believers, but they also serve as a vibrant witness to a watching world.


Interdependence is reflected in all levels of our organizational life and ministry. From the formation of a Global Alliance that coordinates people and financial resources from all corners of the world; to the multi-cultural teams on our fields and genuine partnerships with national churches. Practicing interdependence isn’t always easy, but we’re learning and seeing fruitfulness in ministry as a result.

Developing & Releasing Leaders

From the orientation of missionary candidates to the launching of new field ministries, we begin with the end in mind. That means thinking about developing and releasing leaders, even in the infancy stages of a new project. It’s always our goal to see national believers take the reins of ministry. But if it’s not part of the original plan, it may not always happen. That’s why we begin with the end in mind. Leadership development also applies to our World Team members. Like other career paths and callings, missionaries usually move through different stages and roles. We support their personal and professional development through ongoing training and mentoring.