World Team Ministry Funds

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It is no secret that missionaries depend on your faithfulness in giving to expand the work of the Gospel globally. Your gifts sustain a vital witness for Jesus among the unreached. And because World Team establishes reproducing churches, your gifts could influence people today, tomorrow and eternally.

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Everyone wants to give wisely and maximize their influence. You can meet the mission’s most strategic need of caring for our global missionaries as we establish communities of believers wherever we go. Together with you, we want to share the Gospel and teach others to do the same!

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Missionaries and national believers often initiate projects to accelerate the work of church planting. From the practical to the innovative, all the projects are about building relationships. Education, micro-enterprise, community development, and training national leaders are just some of the ways that we manifest God’s love.

Innovative Giving

You will be most joyful in giving when you know your investment makes a difference. At World Team, relationships are the reason for our work. Our love for God and His compassion for people compel us. If you want to make an eternal investment, World Team can help you find the best way leverage your resources, gifts and talents for God’s glory. Check out Innovative Giving and Planned Giving Tools.